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Book Oahu Tours through Hawaii Travel Network! There is so much to do on this incredibly beautiful island some people might not even know where to start. Hawaii Travel Network is here to help you plan Oahu Tours every step of the way. And we are here to help you pick out the best Hawaii Tour that is right for you and your family. Feel free to call us at 886-482-9775 to ask questions about Tours on Oahu. We are experts when it comes to Oahu activities, Oahu Tours, and Hawaii activities.

Oahu is the third largest island in the Hawaiian Island chain, yet it contains 75% of Hawaii's population. This island is affectionately called “The Gathering Place”, rightly so because Oahu holds the states capital, Honolulu. In addition to being the states capital, Honolulu is the largest port in Hawaii, and Honolulu in Hawaiian means “protected bay”.  A lot of fun happens on this 44 by 30 mile wide island and there is plenty of adventures in Oahu for the whole family.  During the day Oahu’s 227 mile shore line provides the perfect playground for snorkeling, sailing, sport fishing, surf lessons, whale watching, ATV, horse back rides, and even more things to do in Oahu. At night, Oahu provides fabulous entertainment with world renown singers and shows that dazzle! It is important to plan Oahu Tours in advance because many Oahu tours are booked for months out.  Some tours including the Pearl Harbor Memorial sell out and are known to have long lines. So at Hawaii Travel Network we stress that you book Oahu Tours in advance.

If you choose to stay in Honolulu on your trip to Hawaii it is unnecessary to rent a car. The bus system is fabulous and most places are in walking distance. Plus hotels charge parking fees up to $35 a day! If you choose to stay at the North shore of Oahu or just want to explore the island by your self, renting a car is necessary.  Luckily here at Hawaii Travel Network we offer the cheapest Oahu car rentals on the island and we offer airport transportation to meet the needs of every one.

While you are in the city, do not forget to take an Oahu tour of your own. Every weekend there is art at the Zoo Fence, and the crafts in Kapiolani Park. And there are is a free movie at Queen’s Beach in Waikiki every Saturday night! 

Rent a car in Oahu, go on foot, in the air, or in the sea ! There is so much to do in Oahu.  Explore Pearl Harbor or the USS Missouri - Arizona Memorial on a day trip. We highly suggest this popular tour, but they are known to have long lines. So please book Oahu Tours in advance. Go on a helicopter tour and see Oahu from the air! You will get to see everything while circling the entire island, and your pilot will inform you of favorite sightseeing spots. Also you can hit the beach to bask in the sun or snorkel in Oahu. Play in the sea with all of the colorful fish and your expert tour guides will inform you about your beautiful surroundings. Hawaii activities are fun and exciting, so whether you like to explore by your self or have a guide; Oahu adventures are everywhere. We can not stress enough to plan Oahu tours in advance so you can make the perfect vacation.

If you want to escape the city, head to the North Shore to see spectacular waves. Between the months of November through March many surfing pros and waves lovers alike converge on the North Shore of Oahu for exciting contest and big waves. These waves can reach up to forty feet in height and shake the ground! At Hawaii Travel Network we offer beginning Oahu surf lessons. Also on the eastern side of the island, Hawaii Travel Network offers kayaking in Kailua which is peaceful and tranquil time on the water. But make sure to Plan this Oahu tour far in advanced because there are few spots on this Oahu Kayaking tour.

Now it is time for you to find our what makes Oahu so special! It has something for everybody whether it is shopping, the beach, touring in nature, museums, art, nightlife, Oahu has it all!  So check out all of the Tours in Oahu and Oahu activities on the right side of your screen. There are many to choose from but at Hawaii Travel Network we are confident that we have the best selection just for you. Also if you are going to any other Hawaiian islands make sure to check out the rest of our Hawaii Tours and Hawaii Activities. If you have any questions call Hawaii Travel Network at 886- 482-9775. We are happy to discuss with you all Oahu Tour options. We want to help you make the perfect vacation.


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