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We offer the best Hawaii Big Island tours. Hawaii Travel Network offers fun and exciting things to do on the Big Island. We specialize in finding the best Big Island vacation tours and bring them to you. There are many adventures on the Big Island of Hawaii so do not hesitate to try them all. At Hawaii Travel Network we have organized all of the Big Island tours and Big Island Activities on the right side of you screen. Browse through the best of the Kona tours and the Hilo tours! There is plenty for every one in the family. Call Hawaii Travel Network at 860-482-9775 to book Big Island Tours and order online to save on your next Hawaii vacation.

The Big Island of Hawaii is the largest of the Hawaiian Islands and it is the youngest; just over one million years old. The Big Island makes up nearly 63% of the Hawaiian Islands and it has two actively erupting volcanos which are making the Island grow. The lava flow has added approximately 543 acres to the BIg Island. You can experience the volcano’s and all of there mighty by taking Big Island volcano tours. These Big Island tours will take you up close and personal with the different volcanos. You can watch lava flow into the sea or climb the snowy summits! The Kilauea is the worlds most active volcano; Kilauea literally means “the spewing”. Also Lake Waiau is the United States highest and Hawaii’s  coldest lake. You can even take helicopter rides to observe these volcanos from the air! The Big Island is so exciting with natural wonders waiting around every corner.

There are many different Big Island activities you can go in the water, through the land, into the air, or celebrate with hawaiian luaus!

Water vacation activities in Big Island include snorkeling along it 266 miles of pristine coast line. Many big island snorkeling area are only accessible by boat. So hope on board and cruise out to the beautiful clear warm waters and enjoy the abundant wild life. Also you can meet Hawaii’s largest visitors while whale watching. Giant Humpback whales come to Hawaii during the winter months. While you are out on the boat observing you can see dolphins, sea turtles, and much much more wild life that the Big Island has to offer. Hit the water on kayaks! On this Big Island Tour You can really experience what it was like for the old hawaiians to rides the waves with your own personal water craft. You will be kayaking in the ocean rather than calm lakes, so you will learn to navigate the waves quickly. If kayaking is not your style you can ride in style on jet skis! Just head on over to the Kailua pier to start your adventure. Do not worry if you have never jet skied before, the staff is superb and will teach you every thing you need to know. In between jet skiing, kayaking, whale watching, and snorkeling, you can also snuba dive! Thats right snuba dive. It is a combination between snorkeling and scuba diving that is fun for the whole family.  So have a splash filled adventure on the big island. Please plan Big Island tours because all of these popular water activities are known to book in advance.

There are many adventures on land to be had! Land Tour on the Big Island include zip line, Eco Tours, horse back riding and, more! You can take to the trees by zipline. Big Island zipline’s will give you a rush of joy by gliding through the trees. You can choose from many different locations from Kona to Hilo and in between. This Big Island Tour is perfect for the whole family and adds a little challenge to the normal day. Another exciting land adventures we offer is the ECO tours where you can go bird watching and see the many exotic birds that the Big Island holds. Also you can take a very relaxing horse back ride. These gentle creatures will carrie you through the rolling hills and in to Waipio Valley. There is a perfect horse back riding tour waiting on you. The companies accommodate all experience levels and so each tour will have maximum fun. There is horse back riding in Kaohala and Waimea so you can reach this fun activity where ever you are. Whether on land on in the water we have the best vacation activities in Big Island!

While you are on the Big Island you have to celebrate Hawaiian style! Come to Island Breeze Big Island Luaus. Where the fun happens from sun down to sun up. Each Luau has a different flavor of Hawaii. From traditional Hawaii to the vacation paradise you do not want to miss these Luaus.

We recommend the you rent a car while you are on the Big Island. Many vacation tours on Big Island do not offer transportation. At Hawaii Travel Network we have the cheapest car rentals on the Big Island. We have many different styles and sizes to accommodate all your needs. Whether you need an SUV to strap down all of the surf boards, a minivan to fit the whole family, or an economy car to get from point A to point B we have it all. Car rentals are in both Hilo and Kona.

So if you are planning Big Island Tours come plan with us! Hawaii Travel Network will help you with the booking Big Island activities process and make it as easy as possible. We have the best selection of Big Island vacation tours on the right side of your screen. Click on the Big Island tours and explore! We have Kona tours and Hilo tours so it doesn’t matter what side of the island you are on you will always have fun! We have the best things to do on the Big Island. Your Big Island adventure a waits you. Along with many other Hawaii Activities and Hawaii Tours that Hawaii Travel Network has to offer. Call us at 866-482-9775 to book the best tours on the Big Island of Hawaii or order on line!


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