What Happened to Hawaii Travel Network ? which did business as has filed for Bankruptcy and is no longer in business. As such, this domain name was put up for public auction and subsequently purchased by, a legimite Hawaii Travel business after the domain expired to help customers who had purchased activites from and to help the businesses that has failed to pay.

The former owners of this domain had no part in the auction and did not receive any compensation from this transaction.

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If you need to book or rebook activities go to, a legitimate Hawaii Travel company with no affiliation with the previous owners of,

If you need information about what you can do, some suggestions have been provided below.

Here is an article from the Pacific Business News that explains what took place with and the customers and businesses they dealt with.

This information about is from the Better Business Bureau.

From the State of Hawaii:

April 30, 2007
To: Consumers who purchased Hawaii tour activities through Top-10-Hawaii.Com LLC or Hawaii Travel Network
From: Jo Ann Uchida, Complaints and Enforcement Officer Regulated Industries Complaints Office
Re: Credit Card Charges

On April 13, 2007, this office filed a lawsuit against Top-10-Hawaii.Com LLC dba Hawaii Travel Network, charging that the company booked Hawaii activities without being properly registered as an Activity Desk with the state. Our investigation to date indicates that Top-10-Hawaii.Com LLC is no longer operating its website or its Honolulu office. Moreover, it appears that many tour providers have not been paid for tour services that were provided or for upcoming tours.

If you are a consumer who booked tour activities through Top-10-Hawaii.Com LLC dba Hawaii Travel Network for a future booking, you may want to contact your tour activity provider directly to determine whether your tour activity provider has received payment from Top-10-Hawaii.Com LLC relating to your reservation and whether your reservation is still valid.

If your credit card account has been billed by Top-10-Hawaii.Com LLC but you have not received the services you paid for or have an invalid reservation, you may wish to contact your credit card company to dispute the charges. More detailed information on the procedure for disputing credit card charges can be found in the FTC brochure, “Billed for Merchandise You Never Received?” The brochure is available online here. You may also want to consult a private attorney to discuss any legal remedies you may have.

If you have not already filed a formal complaint, please download the complaint form from our website at, or telephone us at (808) 586-2653 for a complaint form.

What you can and should do:

  • Contact your credit card company and dispute the charges right away. Some credit card companies will only let you dispute 60-90 days out.
  • File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Here is the link.

Important information

The previous owner of has started a new website, Consumers who may be considering booking activities with that company should exercise extreme caution and be certain that any scheduled activities will be provided.

We hope that this site helps you to resolve any problems has caused you and we hope that you decide to take a look at our Hawaii tours at


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