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Planning a Maui vacation tour soon?Book and plan your Maui tours in advance. Well, you have come to the right place. At Hawaii Travel Network we love to help plan tours in Maui and vacation activities in Maui.  Maui is the third largest Island in the Hawaiian Island chain and over 2 million visit each year. As you can imagine there are many fun and exciting Maui tours! The is the perfect vacation tour in Maui waiting for you. So come to paradise and have a exciting adventures in Maui. Call Hawaii Travel Network if you have any questions about Tours in Maui at 866-482-9775. Call us or order online to Book Maui tours!

Maui is the second largest of the Hawaiian Islands and is home to the worlds largest dormant volcano. The island of Maui was formed by the rare occurrence of two volcanos overlapping. The tallest volcano is Halekala and it rises more than 10,000 feet and measures five miles from seafloor to summit. The base of this dormant volcano is larger than the island of Manhattan!  As you can imagine a lot of tours revolve around Halekala. So do not look any farther; just look up. Some of the greatest things to do in Maui involve Mt. Halekala. One exciting Maui tour is the biking tour!.This tour is almost all down hill! This 10- 38 mile tour is fun! Don’t be scared by the long ride it is all down hill with gentle sloping hills.  And on a clear day you can see the other Hawaiian Islands. Make sure to book this Maui Tours in advances because of down hill biking’s ever growing popularity is making these bicycle tours in high demand. 

Some people say that Mt. Halekala offers the best sunrise in the world. Hawaii Travel Network offers Maui Sunrise Tours. Where you get to watch the sunrise the the crater which is 10,000 feet up! Even though the Maui Sunrise tour is early, this tour in Maui is beautiful, and is known to inspire people. Make sure to dress warm because it can get chilly while on Halekala. Now you have to experience it for yourself! Don’t wait around many tours on Maui are known to book far in advance. Plan Maui tours with Hawaii travel Network and you will get the experience of a life time.

Go high on mountains and dive into the pacific ocean. There are many adventures in Maui waiting for you! Maui has 120 miles (193 km) of beautiful coast line and there is plenty of room to snorkel, fish, sail, and whale watch! Maui Snorkeling is such a fun and exciting Maui adventure. The Molokini & Turtle Arches Picnic Snorkel Eco- Adventure Tour will let you explore a submerged volcano. Also you will snorkel at Turtle Arches where you will see many giant sea-turtles and other abundant wild life. Also you can snorkel at the sister island of Maui called Lanai. Wildlife abounds in her waters and expert guides accompany you that are knowledgeable with your surroundings. This is the best vacation tour in Maui. Please book in advance because Maui Snorkel Tours are very popular and book fast.

Maui Sport Fishing is a popular Maui Activity. Maui is perfect for sport fishing, and welcome comes every one of all skill levels. This is the perfect Maui Adventures for you and your friends. Everything is provided on these fishing charters for you to have a great time! Plan Maui tours with Hawaii Travel Network reel in the big one with your closest friends.

Whale watching tours in Maui are amazing! You are guaranteed Maui whale sightings while you are on board. These friendly giants flock to Hawaii during the winter months for mating. Also the boat captain knows exactly where their favorite spot to play is.  This is the epitome of the Maui things to do.

The “Road to Hana” is a famous tour that takes you 50 miles through 600 turns, and 56 one lane bridges. There is no better way to spend your day touring this beautiful trek of land and arriving in Hana. The laid back town has some of the best food including Mama’s Fish House. Hana will remind you of the old days in Hawaii. This adventure in Maui is unforgettable and will be recommend to you by locals as well as seasoned vacationers.

So now you know you can go on the Mountains, through the land, and in to the sea. But you can also go in to the air! Sunshine Helicopters will take you every where on the island. On this Maui tour you will circle the island and hit all of the exciting land marks including; flying over Halekala, fly to Molokai the neighboring island and see the worlds largest sea cliffs, and fly across West Maui! The Sunshine Helicopters are the safest helicopters with state of the art technology that allows the rider to gain the best view possible while also have the most room inside. This is truly a Maui adventure that you do not want to miss. Helicopter tours are well known to book far in advance. So please book Maui tours with us so we can ensure your spot!

Do not wait any longer! Start searching the right side of the screen for the best Tours on Maui! You will be able to find the perfect vacation activities in Maui for you and your family. At Hawaii Travel Network we offer the best Maui tours, Hawaii tours, and Hawaii activities. We have painstakingly sifted through all the Maui activities and tours in Maui to find the very best for you. We want you to have the time of your life Maui where you come to shop, play, or just plain ole have fun. Plan Maui Tours with Hawaii Travel Network and your Adventures in Maui are waiting on you! Call us at 866-482-9775 or order online. Booking Maui tours is fast and easy. Hawaii Travel Network is here to help where ever you need it.


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